Processing of a skin of the newborn

The skin of the newborn is necessary for processing daily at a morning toilet and after each emiction or a defecation, and also after bathing. After intimate washing a skin of the kid dry applying by a matter to a body, and then inguinal and cluneal dermal cords grease with a cream or powder. In order to avoid damage of very gentle, easily vulnerable integuments of the newborn, all subjects adjoining to a skin, should be soft.

Skin of the newborn

To process a skin it is necessary only blotting movements. At a morning toilet the person of the child wash with boiled water; eyes process a weak solution of Furacilinum; nasal courses and external acoustical passages in the presence of crusts wipe the hard wadded wicks moistened in sterile vegetable oil; dermal cords wipe the cotton plugs moistened sterile vegetative or a liquid paraffin, a children’s cream, or slightly powder Talcum or a children’s dusting powder. In each separate case individual selection of agents is necessary. In case of occurrence of a boring an agent used for processing of a skin, it is necessary to wash off carefully with soap and to use another.

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