Premature babies

Child called premature if born before the end of fetal weight below 2500 g, and a body length of less than 45 cm Medical Statistics notes that there were many cases when it was possible to save the life of a child born weighing 900 and even 600 g.

Premature babies

With this weight and height functions of all premature infants are underdeveloped, so to extrauterine existence of a child is ill suited. Premature infants, along with general weakness broken thermotaxis. These children are equally fast temperature can rise to 40 °C or drop to 35 °C. The lower weight of the child, the more he pronounced instability of body temperature and its tendency to volatility. Breath-preterm infants surface, there is a tendency to asphyxia (suffocation). Due to the fact that the immunity of their sharply reduced, the most common disease in these children in the first months of life are respiratory tract infections.

The causes of prematurity may be a chronic inflammatory disease of female uterus and ovaries, multiple pregnancy, severe infectious diseases in pregnancy, mental or physical trauma. Has a definite value malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy, lack of in her diet of vitamins C, E and A.

Premature infants, except for a low weight and small stature, distinguished features such as the weak development of the subcutaneous fat, the skin is not elastic and newborn covered embryonic hair. Easily movable skull bones, small fontanelle is almost always open, large fontanelle due to displacement of the bones may be less than usual.

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