Notice to parents

Dear parents – mums and daddies!

Before you will treat the child, read please these rules and observe them!

Notice to parents

1. Do not treat the child grasses and do not resort to treatment by folk remedies without consultation of the doctor-pediatrist.

2. Do not undertake in house conditions treatment of such serious diseases, as a pneumonia, an infectious disease, a meningitis, an encephalitis, etc.

3. Do not apply treatment by grasses, infusions, broths to children who have not reached 5-6-year age.

4. Do not apply to treatment of children toxicant and strong grasses and plants.

5. Do not use for treatment of children the plants collected at roads, near to factories and factories, in city boundaries.

6. Do not apply to treatment of children somewhere the heard, unchecked prescriptions.

7. Do not forget, that it is necessary to give any medicine to the child with love and caress, but not violently, with cry and threats.

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