Hygiene of the newborn

In the house of the newborn it is necessary to be prepared for occurrence carefully. If it is not possible to make apartment face lifting general cleaning is obligatory. For normal development and creation of the best hygienic conditions, to the child, it is as though small was, in apartment own corner where its bed, a table with leaving subjects would take places, a bedside table with personal things is necessary. This place should be the most light, free from unnecessary for care of the child of things and subjects. That sunlight was less, parents often hang up dense curtains and curtains on windows. To do it it is not recommended — the sun for the child as it is necessary, as cleanliness of a premise, air, linen, ware.

Hygiene of the newborn

Before for the first time putting the child in a bed, it should be washed up well warm water with soap and further to wash weekly. The bed of the child should be equal, a mattress — rigid, not caving in under gravity of the kid (the bent position is very harmful to its not strong skeleton.). The pillow during first time is absolutely not necessary. It is possible to use small flat (not down) a small pillow later. A mattress on three quarters cover with an oilcloth, and from above a bed-sheet. It is not necessary to veil a bed a bed curtains or a curtain as it breaks ventilation of air and, besides, deprives of the child of light so necessary for it. In order to avoid diseases of a skin and infection with infectious diseases it is impossible to put the child in bed with other children or adults. It is necessary to remember, that healthy [ru] adult children can be carriers of bacteria which do not cause disease in them, but can be dangerous to children of early age. It is not recommended to use instead of a bed a low carriage, since. Rising at walking of adults the dust from a floor gets on the child, and in a dust microbes which can be dangerous to the newborn contain. Everything to what the child adjoins, should contain in the strict cleanliness.

Near to a cot put a low convenient locker which can simultaneously serve and table for swaddle, and a place where the linen of the child is stored. To a wall it is necessary to beat a shelf. In a case and on a regiment place the subjects necessary for care by the child: a tray for bathing; a jug for water; thermometers for measurement of a body temperature, water, a premise; a soft bast; scissors; a crest; children’s soap; a towel; the graduated small bottles; a heater; tank for a clyster; a jar with cotton wool; eyedroppers; boiled vaseline or vegetable oil; disinfectants, (manganese-manganese a potassium), baking soda. It is possible to take advantage also of specially completed first-aid set of mother and the child.

It is necessary to prepare necessary linen which should be stored on a regiment in a locker for a birth of the child. The dirty children’s linen should be stored separately from linen of adults in a bucket or a tank with a cover. To erase linen of the child also it is necessary separately. It is recommended to do washing so: to presoak linen in cold water, to wash off the soiled places, then within an hour to boil in soap water then to rinse at first in warm, and then some times in cold water. The linen is better for drying on air, and then to iron a hot iron from both parties.

The child, especially in the first month of a life, it is necessary to preserve against infections carefully. It is undesirable to kiss it on the person or arms, since. Microbes which are available for adults, can cause a serious infectious disease [ru] in the newborn. The organism of the child of the first month of a life is very acquisitive to infections, therefore it should be protected from dialogue with extraneous people: not to invite them in a room where there is a child, and not to visit with it.

The big danger to the child is represented by baby’s dummies which many mothers use. The healthy full child usually does not shout, if it is convenient to it to lay and if it dry. Gases or hard diaper can be the anxiety reason. It is necessary to find out the anxiety reason, instead of to give a baby’s dummy. If it is necessary to resort to a baby’s dummy it should be boiled (insufficiently only to wash a baby’s dummy boiled water) and to store in the boiled, pure closed glass or a glass jar.

The room where there is a child, should be kept clean and daily be cleaned. In no event it is impossible to sweep a floor with a dry brush or a broom, since. At such way of cleaning in air the dust which settles on the person of the kid, clothes, bed rises. At breath a dust, and with it and microbes, get to its lungs. Cleaning in a room where there is a child, should be only wet. It is recommended to wipe 2 times a day a floor a wet rag and to wipe a dust from furniture. To air a room it is necessary each 2 hours till 10-15 mines in the winter and it is obligatory before a night dream. In the summer of a window it is better to hold opened, but tightened by a grid from flies and mosquitoes. Optimum temperature of air in a room for children of the first months of a life — 20-22 °С. In hot heated room natural protective reactions and forces of the child quickly weaken, he easily catches a cold, feels chilly on air more likely. In a room of the child smoking unconditionally is forbidden, drying of children’s linen is not recommended also.

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