Caring for premature babies

Environmental conditions and proper maintenance are important in preserving life premature baby. When properly organized care premature infants in the first days of life is well developed, and by the end of the first year of their weight increased by 5-7 times. First we need to monitor the condition of the premises in which the premature infant. Floor should be cleaned 3-4 times a day, room air 5-7 times. Under no circumstances should there be in a room where the new-born adults with symptoms of influenza, acute respiratory illness. For premature infants is equally dangerous as cooling and overheating. Temperature due to overheating, a child may rise to 37-38 °C, hypothermia – lowered to 35 °C. At home, to warm the child has to use conventional heaters. Hot water bottle filled halfway with hot water, tightly closed and placed near the child from the sides and legs. They have to change every 3-4 hours. Do not put a heating pad on the chest and abdomen of the child, it is very difficult to breath.

Care for premature babiesThe temperature in the room where the premature infant, shall be kept at 22-24 °C. Under the blanket thermometer should read 30-33 °C. Subsequently, the room temperature can be lowered to 20 °C. We must not forget that the ventilation, at a time when the open window, the child should be carried out of the room. Ordinary clothes, which are sold for infants, preterm baby will not do. For him to make a jacket with a hood, a cap put a layer of cotton wool, make vests with closed sleeves, boots made of cotton. In addition, the kit includes the child diaper flannelette diapers, blanket and envelope.

Often parents have a question: to what age should a specially warm premature babies? This question is answered the doctor [ru]. But, as a rule, a premature baby needs additional warming in the first month of life. Later it gradually unwrap: first remove the envelope, and then cease to wrap in a warm blanket, put hot water bottles, put on a jacket-hood.

Premature babies need to bathe at a water temperature 38-39 °C and an ambient temperature not lower than 23-24 °C. Duration swimming 4-5 minutes. Laundry, which is put on the child, and bed sheet must first be warm.
Walking in the fresh air, we can start with the 2nd month of life. First child endure for 5-10 minutes, long walks in the future gradually extend up to 2 h, 2 times a day. Walking in the cold season, allowed only after the child reaches the weight of 3 kg.

Premature babies shows exposure mercury-quartz lamp after the two-month-old, massage, giving vitamin A and C.

With proper care of their premature babies catch up with their peers by the end of the first year.

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