Clothes of the child on the first year of a life

The clothes of the child on the first year of a life should correspond not only to its growth, but also other physical data. For babies of the first months of a life diapers cotton (15-20 pieces) and flannel (5-6 pieces), gauze diapers (15-20 pieces) are necessary Some easy and flannel baby’s undershirts and in a smaller measure — kerchiefs and caps. From second month of a life the child requires toddlers (better with shoulder straps) which put on during wakefulness over a jacket used instead of a warm baby’s undershirt. It is very important not to muffle up the kid.

Baby clothing in 1 year

Houses at temperature 20-22 °С are not necessary to it a woollen cap, warm knitted jackets. If to the kid it is cold — his face turns pale, he starts to cry, when to it hot — integuments redden. It is possible to judge its condition more precisely, having felt a skin of a neck and arms above brushes. In a cold season of the child of the first months of a life for walk in the street or a dream on a balcony turn in cotton a blanket and, having put on a head a warm hat, put in a warm quilted envelope with which it is possible to replace with a blanket.

Revision of clothes of the child is required to 9-month’s age. Toddlers start to give way to stockings on elastic, not to hard elastic. Feet to the kid put on soft leather bootees. From 10-11 months when the child the walk part spends standing, the footwear which is not passing a moisture is required: leather bootees with a firm sole, shoes or boots of the corresponding size. For walks the warm jacket, outer clothing in the street are necessary. Are good knitted with napped or woollen suits, overalls. The coat during walk complicates movements of the kid. If the child has returned from walk not sweated, and arms and its feet remained warm, it is possible to consider, that he has been dressed correctly.

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