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Feeding preterm infants

Feeding preterm infants in the neonatal period is critical. This task is quite difficult, because these children reduced tolerance to food. In addition, infants with severe prematurity are not only unable to take the breast, but also to suck from a bottle or pipette due to the immaturity of the sucking reflex. The difficulty lies … Continue reading

Hygiene of the newborn

In the house of the newborn it is necessary to be prepared for occurrence carefully. If it is not possible to make apartment face lifting general cleaning is obligatory. For normal development and creation of the best hygienic conditions, to the child, it is as though small was, in apartment own corner where its bed, … Continue reading

Development of the child from 1st till 12 months

In the end of 1st and in the beginning of 2nd month at the child conditioned reflexes start to be formed. It means that the cortex of a brain starts to ripen and sense organs are differentiated. Formation of conditioned reflexes at children is bound exclusively with medium surrounding them, a regimen, care of them. … Continue reading

The basic periods of the children’s age

The children’s stage of development of the person can be parted for following periods: 1. The period of a pre-natal fetation. 2. The period newborn. 3. The thoracal period. 4. The period of a milk teeth. 5. The adolescence period. 6. Description puberty period. The period of a pre-natal fetation lasts on the average 270 … Continue reading

Notice to parents

Dear parents – mums and daddies! Before you will treat the child, read please these rules and observe them! 1. Do not treat the child grasses and do not resort to treatment by folk remedies without consultation of the doctor-pediatrist. 2. Do not undertake in house conditions treatment of such serious diseases, as a pneumonia, … Continue reading