False croup

False croupThe false croup is an inflammation of a larynx and narrowing of its lumen; arises against a flu, acute respiratory disease, an acute laryngitis, etc. the child has the rhonchial voice, the "barking" tussis, the complicated rigid breath. The easy form of a croup with normal temperature arises unexpectedly, late at night. Within day the child can be absolutely healthy or sick of only easy cold without tussis, but suddenly he wakes up in an attack of severe convulsive tussis, it is difficult to it to breathe. It does desperate efforts to make an inspiration.

At any form of a croup it is necessary to call the doctor urgently!

First aid at a croup, will not come yet the doctor, is warm wet air. Carry the child in a bathroom and include hot water that the bathroom was filled with a steam; it is possible to boil water on a plate and to hold the child over a steam. Besides, it is necessary to wet air in a room where the child will sleep. Spasmodic croup with spastic strictures of breath and with normal temperature can repeat next night. To avoid it, to wet air in a room it is necessary within 2-3 nights.

It is recommended to put Sinapismuses to soles or to do wet mustard packs of feet of feet; to allow to drink warm milk half-and-half with the aerated or mineral water or with addition of a small amount of baking soda.

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