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Death (смерть) – the cessation of functioning of the body and as a result – the death of the individual as an isolated living system, accompanied by the decomposition of proteins and other biopolymers, which are the main material substratum of life. At the heart of modern dialectical materialist ideas about death is the idea expressed by Friedrich Engels: “Even now do not consider the scientific physiology, which does not consider death as an essential aspect of life … that does not understand that the denial of life is essentially contained in life itself, so that life is always thought of in relation to its necessary result, we conclude that it is constantly in the bud – death “(Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Works, 2nd ed., g 20, p. 610).

Death description of the phenomenonSometimes the concept of partial release of death, that is. E. The death of a group of cells, part or the whole body (necrosis). In unicellular organisms – simple – natural death of the individual is manifested in the form of division, since it is associated with the termination of the existence of the individual and the emergence of two new in its place. The death of an individual is usually accompanied by the formation of a corpse.

Depending on the causes of death, in the higher animals and humans are distinguished: natural death (also called physiological) occurring as a result of long-term, consistently developing fading of the basic vital functions of the body (see aging), and premature death (sometimes called pathological) causes painful condition of the body, injury to vital organs (brain, heart, lung, liver, and others.).

Premature death can be sudden, i.e. occur within minutes or even seconds (eg, myocardial). Violent death may be a consequence of an accident, suicide, homicide.

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