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Physiological birth

Childbirth (роды) is a normal physiological act of a woman’s life.

Physiological birthWhen the fruit is right, when the size of his head does not exceed the size of the maternal pelvis, when the first deliveries taking place in a woman is not old, but at a young age, they occur most part almost painless, or with a little soreness, which is easily a woman carries.

If a woman obsessed with the fear of pain, even slightly bout it takes for the beginning of pains and preparing for something terrible, starts screaming. The next day she was unable to transmit their feelings, since forgotten about them, and her cry was just waiting for something terrible. In most cases, pain during childbirth is developing a sense of fear of childbirth, which is the result of secular education on the idea that a woman “gives birth in pain.” This view is embedded in the consciousness of a woman with a child and waiting for the meal, she was experiencing them in advance.

To get rid of the fear of childbirth, a woman should from the beginning to the end of pregnancy attending antenatal clinics. There she will tell all about the pregnancy, the physiology of childbirth, to soothe her. A woman should go to the maternity hospital with full confidence in the doctors [ru] and support staff who at the time of delivery will be with her, surrounding her with attention.

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